Choosing Wall Color and Wallpaper in the Living Room: Its Impact on Atmosphere and Psychology

The living room is one of the most frequently visited areas in your home and a place where you want to create a comfortable atmosphere. Therefore, wall colors are also important as they directly impact the atmosphere of your home and people’s psychology.

Light-toned colors provide a sense of expansion and comfort. Blue and green tones symbolize natural areas such as seas and forests, and have a relaxing effect. Meanwhile, light yellow and orange tones symbolize positive energy and cheerfulness, arousing people.

Dark colors can create a warm and comfortable environment. Dark purple, dark brown, and dark burgundy tones symbolize that your home is a safe haven and relax you. However, excessive use of dark colors can create a boring and depressive environment.

In addition to colors, wallpapers and patterns also impact people’s psychology. Geometric and abstract patterns can create a stressful and busy environment, while natural patterns and motifs create a relaxing and peaceful environment.

In conclusion, the wall colors and wallpapers in the living room directly impact the atmosphere of your home and people’s psychology. Therefore, it is important to make the right choice of color and pattern that will relax yourself and your guests and create a suitable environment.

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